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Mutual Aid - Winchester - At Boston Boy Scout Event

  • 06 Oct 2012
  • 12:00 PM
  • 08 Oct 2012
  • 1:00 PM

The Boston Minuteman Council, Boy Scouts of America is having a huge weekend event over Columbus Day weekend on the banks of the Charles River.

 A Boy Scout troop run by the WPD liaison to the WAPD will be attending and I have been asked to assist with the security of the event. We are working with the Mass DCR Rangers, MSP and Law Enforcement Explorers to assist in keeping the event safe for all. I am asking if members of any Massachusetts Auxiliary department would like to participate as volunteers.

The event security team is looking for a group of law enforcement professionals to dawn provided security shirts and ID's (no police uniforms or weapons) and be on foot patrol throughout the park area Saturday afternoon and evening, Sunday all day/evening and Monday until about 1pm.

Officers will be teamed up in teams of two to three and be given an area to patrol and a radio to communicate with the command center if needed. We would like to flood the area with security because it is an open park and with public access. This event will be publicized and we do not need to have a problem with juveniles not participating, sex offenders wandering through the crowd along with other folks who are not there to join scouting. Crowd is expected to reach 3,500-4,000 families on Sunday.

Please contact Lt. Scott Peluso, WAPD, at 978-729-1769 or
speluso@mac.comif you or your department is able to volunteer and participate in this event.

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