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MPTC 20 Hour Reserve Firearms Training Course

  • 20 Apr 2018
  • 6:00 PM
  • 28 Apr 2018
  • 6:00 PM
  • Classroom Westminster PD / WCSO Range, Boylston, MA
  • 11


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Massachusetts Volunteer Law Enforcement Officer Association


Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor’s & Armorers’ Association

Are sponsoring a 20 Hour Firearms Training Course for Auxiliary and Reserve Officers

This Course is the recently developed program by the MPTC Firearms Training Committee and will be presented by MPTC Master Firearms Instructors.

Course will be held in three sessions

Friday April 20, 2018 6pm to 10pm (Classroom)  Location: Westminster Police Department

Saturday April 21, 2018 9am to 6pm (Range)  Location: Worcester County Sheriff Office Range

Saturday April 28, 2018 9am to 6pm (Range)  Location: Worcester County Sheriff Office Range


Members $175

Non- Members $200

Plus students to supply 600 rounds of ammunition

MPTC Reserve Firearms Course Overview


The MPTC Reserve / Intermittent Academy now offers a firearms training program as part of the recruit curriculum. In line with the abbreviated nature of the R/I Academy, this firearms program dedicates 20 hours to building a base level of proficiency for the recruit. To increase the amount of material presented to the recruit, a portion of the classroom material is being presented in this online format. The material selected for this presentation has been selected because it can be readily self-taught.


As with all recruit level training, the assumption is the recruit has no prior experience with firearms so safety is our paramount concern. You will be walked through the basics before you are expected to handle tactical exercises. Recruits with prior firearms experience through hunting, target shooting or in the military should not feel this basic information does not apply to them. Law enforcement use of the firearm differs greatly from what you may have experienced as a civilian or soldier. This program will greatly assist you in transitioning for your new role.


The MPTC Recruit Firearms Manual (RFM) is the “student manual” for this program. This online student manual is designed to provide you with an abbreviated version that will present the material in a clear and concise manner so that you will be able to complete the review questions at the end of the program. If you have questions after completing the online module, your instructor will set aside a block of time in the first training session to answer them.


The full time academy dedicates over twice the training time for this topic that makes this program a challenge for both the recruit and the instructor. It must be understood that this program is merely the first step in what must be continuous training. Twenty hours is only sufficient to give the new officer the basics in safety and marksmanship. It is not enough to turn out a proficient marksman. Building the officer’s proficiency will be the joint responsibility of the officer and their department firearms training staff.

Pre-class Student Requirements

All participants are required to download read and review the MPTC Reserve Intermittent Recruit Firearms Training Manual (RFM) found at the following link:

Equipment Requirements

600 rounds duty pistol ammo (full metal jacket training ammo permissible)

Service Pistol w/minimum of three (3) magazines

Full Duty Belt including security holster, magazine pouch, handcuffs, Inert OC w/pouch, baton

Body Armor

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)* (eye & hearing protection and cap with visor)

Note taking materials for Day 1

Suitable clothing for the anticipated weather conditions (bring what you wear on duty)

Brown bag lunch for 2 range days

*No one will be permitted to participate without PPE

No Refunds



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