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Reserve Firearms Training Class

MA-VLEOA and MLEFIAA 20 Hour Reserve Firearms Training Course a Success

The co-sponsored MA-VLEOA – MLEFIAA Reserve Firearms Training Program has been a success. The training program is the recently introduced 20 Hours MPTC Reserve Firearms Training Program. The classes have consisted of both recruit and veteran officers. Some of the veteran officers are certified NRA firearms instructors, and provide training to officers in their department. In is important to note that BOTH the veteran officers and the new recruits have raved about the class.

Student Officers from the following departments have participated to date: Ashland, Belmont, Bellingham, Billerica, Boston Schools, Cambridge, Framingham, Haverhill, Leominster, Milford, Natick, Newton, New Bedford, Princeton, Randolph, Somerville, Wilmington and Winthrop.

Lessons were learnt by all, from the most respected Law Enforcement firearms instructors in Massachusetts.

Videos, Student Officer Feedback and Pictures of the Training


The Tueller Drill is a self-defense training exercise to prepare against a short-range attack when armed only with a holstered handgun. We have all heard of the 21 foot rule. Have you trained to see if it is really 21 feet with a holstered handgun?

(video credits - Bill Petersen)

Here is an explaination of the Tueller Drill presented by Master Firearms Instructor Joe Picariello from MLEFIAA.

Tueller Drill Explaination


Tueller Drill - Holster


Tueller Drill - Ready Position


Man on Man Drill

Student Officer Feedback

To my brother and sister Massachusetts Volunteer Officers:

The MA-VLEOA and MLEFIAA partnered together to arrange a firearms class, a one of its kind with the finest firearms instructors in Massachusetts. How could you pass up on something like that? I was sad to see many did.  The class was one of the most informative and exciting classes I had ever taken, especially for the relatively small cost. This is something I couldn’t imagine passing up. For the 9 Auxiliary/Special officers that took this course I know that they would be quick to reiterate this.


I have been shooting for many years now and the instructors managed to break bad habits I had developed and enforce perfect practice. The firearms instructors; Joe Picariello, Bill Petersen, and Todd Bailey were extremely knowledgeable and made learning fun. How can shooting not be fun? Well, they managed to make it more exciting and make you want to take a better shot than you just did. At all times of the class both in the class and on the range, safety was of the upmost importance.  While in the class they went over the firearm, what may seem old for us just re-enforced my knowledge even more. Then they got us into some dry firing practice as well as trigger pull practice. The next day was a range day. We did step by step of the new qualification course however we started with trigger pull exercises. This exercise really gave them a chance to evaluate each of us and see where we having some issues.  After the first of 2 range days we had already run through the whole new qualification course including the element time.


During the week was surprised to get an email from Joe. What I didn’t realize is that Joe took each of our target sheets home and went over ALL of them. He saw patterns that I was unaware of and gave tips for me to practice before the next range day. I ended up talking to Joe on the phone and he gave me a few more pointers. I was able to get to the range the Thursday before the final range day and he was right on.

The final range day was just as good as the first. We went through the course again and then ended up taking the actual qualification course. Perfect practice makes perfect training right? Exactly! Qualification was perfect.


I would like to point out that Bill Peterson came back this Saturday even though he was not scheduled and volunteered his time to work with us because he had worked with us the previous week – just a show of the professionalism of these men. They ended up teaching us the Tueller Drill, what an eye opener that really was. Not one of the instructors was eager to get out of there when the time was up each was willing to stay if we wanted to practice more.


If this course comes around again (and I hope it will), shame on you if you don’t take full advantage of the opportunity. "Just because we are volunteers" doesn’t mean we aren’t held to the same standards as full time officers. We are on the streets less which means we need to be practicing MORE! I look forward to taking the advanced course of this and eventually the rifle course. 


Well done MA-VLEOA and MLEFIAA!


Auxiliary Sergeant Derek Petersen

Framingham Police


" I found the course to be exactly what any auxiliary or reserve officer would need, in order to be better proficient with firearms and to protect themselves and the citizens of their communities in the line of duty. The instructors provided overwhelming knowledge of firearms and the fundamentals regarding the use of firearms. The time spent at the shooting range moved at a steady pace and the safety precautions taken to ensure the safety of every student/instructor, made the entire experience much more enjoyable.


I commend the MLEFIAA instructors, the MA-VLEOA and the participating auxiliary officers from around the commonwealth for putting on such an amazing program and for portraying such professionalism and I look forward to attending more training and programs in the future. I strongly recommend this program."


Officer George Carreiro

Billerica Emergency Management Police

"This course was outstanding. The Friday evening class room portion was very helpful, reviewing the power point and going over the student manual assisting for the upcoming exam/test.

Range day one – AWESOME – we drilled and drilled until we got it down tight. I went home tired that night...

Range day two – OUTSTANDING – we did more drills and qualified for the new 2012 requirements. Took an exam and we all did well. Then we did some point shooting and competition shooting..... and more shooting.... 
There is one drill that was crazy but fun. The on your back drills were tough on us older guys... lol.
Summary – JUST OUTSTANDING! Those guys gave us our money’s worth and then a lot more..... I encourage anyone to attend this class again because it will keep you confident and proficient with your duty weapon. I like to attend a riffle & shotgun class also, four hours of each... Joe will discuss that with you soon.
Thank you MA-VLEOA for putting this all together!"
Auxiliary Sergeant Leo Doucette
Ashland Police

"I am so glad that I attended the Reserve Firearms training course. Thanks, to Joe, Bill and Todd, these are guys are "FANTASTIC"!


I highly recommend this course to any brothers and sister officers out there. Keep me posted if MA-VLEOA will host an advanced training class."


Officer Ilyas Abu

Randolph Auxiliary Police

I have been in Law Enforcement for over 15 years have taken numerous shooting courses and trained with all kinds of teams and organizations. I would have to say this training has been the far best shooting and tactical training I have ever taken. I feel more comfortable than what I ever had felt before on how to take my weapon out my holster quicker with the handgun retention segment we learned in class. Also I am so much more accurate with my shooting than I ever had been. This class supersedes the training I learned in the police academy.  Instructor Joe Picariello and Marc Spigel - MA-VLEOA, thank you for hosting such a wonderful training class. I will be taken the next upcoming course.


Maurice Osteen

Middlesex Sheriff’s Office and the BSPD


Here are some other comments submitted by the student officers.

“Excellent class and range time. Demonstrations and making sure that students know what to be before live fire was superb”

“On range, teaching was perfect. Teaching how to sight, trigger work and grip pressure instruction was excellent.”

“All instructors were very helpful. Loved having class around 10 (students) as it allowed for instructors having more interaction with students. It also allowed enough room on the line. Second day of classes was great.”

“Learned a lot. Instructors were fantastic.”

“Joe P. sticks in my mind as a consummate firearms professional educator. It was all about training the students and not self-gratification or a cram fest of paramilitary discipline.”

“I found the class to be very informative and well balanced. My accuracy and shot placement improved noticeably in the course of the week just by doing the dry fire drills. While I probably had the greatest room for improvement based on my comparative inexperience; the other members of the class that have been involved in law enforcement for a much longer time than I also have a very positive opinion of the class, showing how well balanced the class is.”


(photo credits - Shane Quintard, Marc Spigel)

Friday Night Classroom

Checking out the equipment

Look at those nice groups!

Practice makes perfect!

Getting Instruction

Target Acquisition Drill

From the Back

What if you need to shoot from the ground.

Ready to the left... Ready to the right... FIRE!


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Special Agent John Pijaca, Forensic Auditor J.G. Cosgrove and Detective Michael Sabatalo with the NRT Truck at the MA-VLEOA Conference (Photo Wayne Dion

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